What is CMI?

Career Management International, Inc. was founded in 1976 as a small human resources consulting company. Currently, our firm works with organizations in a wide variety of industries, federal and state governments and academia, assisting thousands of individuals in over 15 countries to maximize their potential. CMI has become a leader in the fields of outplacement, career development and special purpose training by continuing to implement workforce solutions for our clients with the same level of dedication that we have been honored to offer for over three decades.

Why choose CMI?

CMI's outplacement services focus on more than just a job search for our clients.

Career Management International's unique and client centered counseling approach to career transition sets us apart from other consulting firms. Most competent outplacement firms can assist in producing an impressive resume, but only CMI addresses all the issues that are a part of any major life change. Financial, personal, emotional and family issues, if not addressed, can interfere with momentum, derail the process, severely limit a successful job search and create the potential for future career dissatisfaction.

CMI provides customizable services to meet your every need.

CMI's focuses on assisting organizations maximize performance, promote job satisfaction and increase productivity. Our breadth of experience with a wide range of issues allows us to offer efficient and innovative solutions to difficult challenges. Since 1976, we have been proud to provide expert, reliable, affordable and relevant workforce solutions.

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This Week's Ask the Counselor : How Do I Switch Careers?

QUESTION: I've been at the same job for over 20 years, and now I'm ready to branch out and try my hand at something else. What is the best way to go about deciding where I will best fit in another industry?

ANSWER: First, gain an understanding of what you bring to the marketplace. Have your past successes included managing or leading, coaching or teaching, organizing, creating new ways to solve old problems, or other activities? As you think about your successes, consider the actions you took that supported them - your actions can be translated into action words that will help you describe what you are good at doing.

Have you heard about or researched any industries that are of interest to you? If not, you should begin your research now, in order to get general information about each of them. Begin your research online so that you get some general information about each industry. Ask yourself what you would like to have as part of your job environment in a new industry that you did not have in the job you held for twenty years. Do you want more freedom, perhaps with the ability to work from home, or to travel, or to simply be more in charge of your schedule and your production? Do you want to work in an industry that promotes health, cost effective production, clean air, more efficient delivery of services? What type of industry fits your values? Have you ever dreamed about doing something for which you were qualified, but just never pursued? Try to look at no more than five general industries as you begin your exploration so that you don't become a victim of "analysis paralysis"!

After you have done your beginning exploration, begin to network with others in your chosen industries. The more people you talk with, the more you will be able to "look inside" of these industries and learn how your previous actions might fit into the mission of each of the industries. When you find that you are interested in learning more about a specific industry or two, your goal should then be to expand your networking to additional people in those industries, so that you get more and more information about specific jobs that match your strengths.

Now, you are in a perfect position to begin your actual job search focusing on one, or perhaps, two industries.

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