What is CMI?

Career Management International, Inc. was founded in 1976 as a small human resources consulting company. Currently, our firm works with organizations in a wide variety of industries, federal and state governments and academia, assisting thousands of individuals in over 15 countries to maximize their potential. CMI has become a leader in the fields of outplacement, career development and special purpose training by continuing to implement workforce solutions for our clients with the same level of dedication that we have been honored to offer for over three decades.

Why choose CMI?

CMI's outplacement services focus on more than just a job search for our clients.

Career Management International's unique and client centered counseling approach to career transition sets us apart from other consulting firms. Most competent outplacement firms can assist in producing an impressive resume, but only CMI addresses all the issues that are a part of any major life change. Financial, personal, emotional and family issues, if not addressed, can interfere with momentum, derail the process, severely limit a successful job search and create the potential for future career dissatisfaction.

CMI provides customizable services to meet your every need.

CMI's focuses on assisting organizations maximize performance, promote job satisfaction and increase productivity. Our breadth of experience with a wide range of issues allows us to offer efficient and innovative solutions to difficult challenges. Since 1976, we have been proud to provide expert, reliable, affordable and relevant workforce solutions.

From Our Newsletter : What are your transferable skills?
A quiz.

True or False
1. A good example of the application of a transferable skill is someone who likes his job as a baker thinking about moving into a career in oven design.

True or False
2. “I don’t have many transferrable skills. I spend all day building spreadsheets and then explaining the information to coworkers."

Multiple Choice
3. When identifying transferable skills, it's important to consider: A. The level of expertise B. The amount of experience C. The ease of communicating the transferability D. All of the above

Click here to see how you did!

This Week's Ask the Counselor : Interviewing. What are my biggest weaknesses?

QUESTION: How do I answer the standard interview question, "What do you consider your biggest weaknesses to be?" I feel like none of my interviews are successful because I always stumble on this question.

ANSWER: This question has tripped up many an interviewee. The great news is, once you know how to answer it, you can be head and shoulders above the competition. Here are some great approaches:

One, honesty is the best policy. Before your interview, analyze the skills and strengths required for the position and come up with an honest shortcoming. But choose one which is not essential for success in that job. For example, if you are applying for an operations position, you might share that you are not particularly adept at sales, especially if that is something that you have tried earlier in your career.

Two, learn from past mistakes. Avoid talking about any current weaknesses. Instead, mention your ability to self-assess and identify weaknesses, and offer specific examples of how you found and dealt with them in the past. Did you take a course or participate in training sessions to improve on a specific skill? Did you seek out guidance from your previous boss or colleagues? Did you simply make a conscious effort to rid yourself of that weakness? Tell the interviewer what you did and the results of your actions.

Third, turn a negative into a positive. For example, you might communicate to the interviewer that because you tend to focus on the big picture, you realized that you were sometimes missing the details. Add that after realizing this, you’ve made a concentrated effort to attend to details. Share one of your accomplishments where you focused on both the big picture and the details. Be sure to include a quick statement about the positive results. Use this opportunity to turn a negative into a positive!

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